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"Never Stop Looking Up"





Futurist, Artist and Philosopher, Kris Kitchen was described by a peer as “part Albert Einstein, part da Vinci, and part Neo from The Matrix.” Others have described Kris as “An amazing mind and abilities of and in thought and creation is seriously incredible. I've never been SO inspired by someone else's ability to think.... gold mine of incredible concepts."

Kris Kitchen is an entrepreneur, artist, and multidisciplinary researcher. Among his research interests are consciousness, artificial general intelligence, time reclamation, life automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive reality, 3d digital modeling and futurology. 

Kris is the Founder of Kris Kitchen Design, which is currently focused on Digital Art and Advanced Cryptology.


Founder of a 501c3 Non-Profit focused on cancer research by leveraging the supercomputers in peoples pockets.

Founder of Qieon Research Laboratories Research is focused on Perception and Sensory technologies. We enable the unenabled. We put the space in Im Possible™ 

In the past, he worked as a Software automation tester and security tester.

Kitchen resides in Kansas City. He cooks his ideas in an oven in his Kitchen

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I will never sell the mosiacs I have created; only 1 has ever been signed via the chain network.

Made some stuff; did some things. 






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