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Kris Kitchen has lived in Kansas his entire life, earning him the nickname " The Wierdo of Awes".   He began creating art in the late 90's and has continued until the present. His initial foray into art was in ceramics, then pastels, oil, and acrylic. He later moved into the digital medium and began his Mosaic images when he was a Google Glass Explorer. He has been used as an example digital artist globally at multiple museums.


National Gallery of Denmark: Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen, Denmark

Museums and the Web Florence, Palazzo Vecchio: Florence, Italy.

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City, New York


During that time he Made a Time machine, literally. The timeline gets blurry as he was reborn in the future. His artwork is on display in the offices of multiple agencies across the United States. . At some point he made his computer hallucinate to make art.

Kris Kitchen is an entrepreneur, artist, and multi-disciplinary researcher. Among his research interests are consciousness, artificial general intelligence, time reclamation, life automation, augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive reality, 3d digital modeling and futurology. He is known to be very eccentric and reclusive as a Flying Unicorn.

Kitchen resides in Kansas City. He cooks his ideas in an oven in his kitchen.

His favorite works of art are his daughters Kaelini and Aurora. one of his current super top-secret projects is Paving the yellow brick road, one brick at a time.


Currently, Kitchen paints in acrylic and mixed media and illustrates in ink. His styles vary from Expressionism and Futurism, to Minimalism and Abstracts.

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