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Upcoming Books


"The fastest way to the truth is to know the false"™: The Truth is far stranger than most can imagine. Soft cover, Hardcover and Digital Download

"Remember the Future: The greatest tool imaginable" Some of the simplest tools are so counter intuitive that most would call them pseudoscience. As the reader you can decide as these thought experiments develop and challenge everything you know. Soft cover, Hardcover and Digital Download

Coming soon: 


"The Worst Video Game Ever Made."

Written by Casey Adams on behalf of the Minddust Institute

"Mr. Impossible, that is improbable"

Written by Casey Adams with permission of Kris Kitchen 


Purple Squirrels are nuts! After reading many children's books without any purpose, I decided I would put my spoken stories into print for others to share. Available in soft cover, Hardcover and will be available for free under a Creative Commons license.

© 2020 by KRIS KITCHEN all rights reserved

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